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Readings with Cousin Ruji

No one has the magic answer to solve all your problems or the path to your happiness.

Divination Tools allow the Divine, Inner Child part of you to speak with clarity and wisdom, allowing you to finally hear that small still voice.

Through Oracle Readings I am able to provide you supportive energy to hear that inner voice and discover your own answers. 


"I am meant to lead, guide and direct energy during this lifetime. Oracle Readings allow me to do so by briefly becoming the steering wheel in someone else's life - instead of the engine like in Tarot Readings." - Guruji Chastity

What To Expect Before Your Reading

Hearing your Inner Child can be difficult amongst mind chatter, judgment, and stress and those are just a few of the things we may face in a day. Oracle Readings are straightforward, offer real time steps for change, and open a judgment free space for connection between your Inner Child and Ego. 

I currently offer:

20 Minute Readings, at $33.33. 

Your reading will be based off a 3 Card Spread in which we will ask your Inner Child 3 questions to aid your journey.

The Cousin Ruji Card Spread asks you Inner Child the following questions. You are also able to ask your own questions:

  1. What are you creating?
  2. What obstacle stands in your way?
  3. What action can you take in the present moment?

To activate your Oracle Reading you will receive 3 important things via a Google Drive Link.

The Link will provide you:

  1. An audio recording of your reading
  2. Photo of your Card Spread
  3. Self-Care Plan to integrate what came up in your Reading in your everyday life

Once your appointment is submitted and then accepted you will be billed. You must pay for your session before you will be provided a reading or receive the Google Drive Link. If you have any questions or concerns before your session please do not hesitate to share what’s on your heart.

What people are saying

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You woke my Spirit up. . . literally chills!

— Jahdey El

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The reading resonated a lot like I knew it would. Thank you SO much for being a part of my journey.

— Kayuntae Ming

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Your reading stirred up some feelings and some self evaluation.

— M. Tink

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