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How I Went No Contact with My Mother: A Journey to Self-Liberation
Breaking Free from Generational ChainsIn a world where familial bonds are often revered as sacred, there comes a point in some individuals' lives where breaking away becomes not only necessary but paramount to their mental and emotional well-being. T...
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3 Things I've Learned from Seeking External Validation | Finding Clarity and Self-Acceptance
Hey there, beautiful souls! It's Guruji Chastity here, and today I'm excited to share some transformative insights that have emerged from my recent experiences with seeking external validation. In this candid reflection, I'll dive deep...
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How to Overcome Self-Doubt During Your 21 Day Cleanse After a Lvl 1 Reiki Attunement
Embark on a transformative journey as we delve into the profound insights on overcoming self-doubt during the 21-day cleanse after a Level One Reiki Attunement. In this post, we'll explore Reiki's role as a healing tool, its comparison to meditation,...
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Building Self-Confidence: My Journey to Maintaining No Contact with My Mother
Embarking on the journey of building self-confidence is often filled with twists, turns, and unexpected revelations. In my latest video, "Building Self-Confidence: My Journey to Maintaining No Contact with My Mother," I delve into the transfo...
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3 Things I've Learned Since Becoming a Reiki Master Teacher
Embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing as we delve into the transformative wisdom of Reiki. In this blog post, I'm excited to share three profound insights I've gained since becoming a Reiki Master Teacher. Join me as we explore the transf...
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Unlocking Success Without Social Media: Embracing Authenticity and Impact
In the realm of digital influence, the pressure to maintain a flawless facade on social media platforms often overshadows the pursuit of genuine connection and impact. In this journey of self-discovery, I've grappled with the notion of success withou...
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Transformation, Self-Discovery, Spiritual Awakening
Awakening Transformation: Confronting Shame, Embracing Pain, and Pursuing Self-Discovery
Embarking on a transformative journey requires the courage to confront shame, embrace pain, and prioritize the pursuit of self-discovery. In a world often shrouded in pretense, the importance of authenticity and honesty cannot be overstated. In this ...
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Why Your Mother Wound Hurts: Innerstanding & Healing the Emotional Pain Within
As children, we seek our mother's approval and love above all else. We crave their affection and validation, and their disapproval can cut us deeply. Unfortunately, not all mothers are capable of providing the love and acceptance their children ...
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how to let go
The Art of Surrender: How to Let Go
 Want to know a secret? The weight of the world is only on your shoulders if you believe it to be. The pressure you feel, that you have a million things to do and the only way it will all get done is when you step up to do it, is a story you’re telli...
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how does your mother wound impact your everyday life
Mother Wound Healing: How Does Your Mother Wound Impact Your Daily Life?
 If you have a Mother Wound or are in the process of figuring out whether or not you do, then this blog post is for you. While you will cope with the effects of your Mother Wound forever, the hardest stage of healing is in the beginning. On...
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how can a spiritual coach help you
3 Ways a Spiritual Coach can Help You
Spiritual Coaches can play an incredibly helpful and influential role in your spiritual journey. They function as motivators and guides who push through the illusions that keep you stuck so that you can see the truth of who you are. If you struggle t...
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How to Heal Your Mother Wound During the Holidays
How to Heal Your Mother Wound: Healthy Coping During the Holiday Season
The holidays are an especially complicated time for people coping with complex generational and family trauma. If you are in the process of healing your Mother Wound and want to know how to cope during the holidays, then you’re in the right place.&nb...
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A Spirit Focused Guide For How To Reparent Your Inner Child
A Spirit-Focused Guide for How to Heal Your Inner Child It’s no secret that our childhood experiences shape who we become as adults. Unresolved and unhealed traumas stunt our spiritual growth, leaving us to age physically and remain fixed in tim...
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Meditation for Beginners
Beginner's Guide to Meditation: What It Is and How to Do ItHave you ever tried to meditate but thoughts kept creeping in? Did you try to empty your mind and focus on your breath only to start thinking about an itch on your nose, the next three tasks ...
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What is a Mother Wound?
What is a Mother Wound?Our relationships with our mothers – or lack thereof – have deep effects on our mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. The way the mother-child relationship develops in early childhood speaks to who we are today, and when ...
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